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Welcome to the musical crowdfunding campaing


"Wheels of Happiness"

Changing lives, one chair at the time!


The “Wheels of Happiness” campaign is a new musical fundraising initiative aimed at raising public awareness and funds to donate wheelchairs in the first stage of the “One Million Chairs” program launched by the Wheels of Happiness Foundation

We already achieved the 1st goal of the campaign!
Now you can support the campaign "Ruedas de Esperanza"  

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“Wheels of Happiness” is a crowdfunding campaign intended to support people who do not give up in the face of a physical disability but fill their lives and the lives of other people having the same disability with happiness and free the emotions hidden in their souls.  It is an invitation to awaken and open our eyes to a new day, challenging privileges and sowing love and care for others.

Through this project and its theme song “Wheels of Happiness”, we aim to raise funds to help fund the programs promoted by the Wheels of Happiness Foundation. Through the donation of wheelchairs and other supplies, this organization helps people with physical disabilities have a fully productive and enjoyable life.


We need you.  Register to participate in our project.

What is "Wheels of happiness"?


The project is designed to raise funds to support people living with motor disabilities through the prestigious and well-known Wheels of Happiness Foundation and its allied organizations.

The project aims at a consistent delivery of equipment and other supplies so that our recipients can be productive and reintegrate to society, the initial goal being to raise funds for 250,000 chairs as part of the long-term program of “One Million Chairs for the World”.


What is the purpose of this project?

1.000 wheels, 250 wheelchairs

With this campaign we aim to:


Our initial objective is to supply as many as 1,000 wheels or 250 chairs in the first phase of the project and progressively increase this number up to one million wheels or 250,000 chair in the long run.

With the funds raised through this campaign, we want to change the lives of 250 people who, due to an injury, an accident, or a disease, have not been able to reinsert themselves into society because they do not have an appropriate wheelchair.  The possibility of seeing that a child with a physical disability can attend school or a young person can work and be productive is immensely fulfilling!  To this end, we need to count on the generosity of sponsors like you. Help us to change the lives of those who need it so much.

Additionally, we have planned for a strategic alliance with organizations and foundations we work with to attain common objectives. It is planned that non-profit organizations participating in the campaign will get a percentage of the proceeds to fund their own altruistic projects.

What will we do with the funds?

Our long-term dream and mission is to donate and repair

1.000.000 wheels, 250.000 wheelchairs

What is Wheels of Happiness Foundation?

Wheels of Happiness (WOH) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) foundation, headquartered in the United States and created by Vincenzo Piscopo after he had a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed and needing a wheelchair. The mission of the foundation is to support people with motor disabilities in underserved communities around the world and help them live a happy, productive and fulfilling life.

WOH delivers mobility equipment and medical supplies, provides scholarships, funds surgeries and offer psychological support so that our recipients can become independent, reintegrate into society, and add value to their communities.


For the past 10 years, with the support of people like you, we have renewed hope, health, and opportunities among people with motor disabilities in 8 countries.  Your help and support will allow us to continue having an impact on the community of people living with motor disabilities in many years to come.

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With your help we have traveled a path of joy and possibilities

10 years, 8 countries... thousands
of lives 

Meet the team behind this campaign

Diana Patricia La Macarena.png

María Gabriela

Executive Director

Gabriela Piscopo is Professor of Marketing and International Business at Morehouse College, where she also conducts research in the areas of customer value, relationship marketing, and entrepreneurship. She has a Ph.D. in Marketing from Georgia State University, an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business, and a BA in Economics from the University of Carabobo in Venezuela.

Gabriela is originally from Valencia, Venezuela and has lived in the Atlanta area since 1996. Being a founding member of the Wheels of Happiness Foundation has been extremely rewarding for her. Of all things, she is most proud of her beautiful family which includes her husband Vincenzo, her son Rafael and her daughters Antonella, Arianna and Sabrina.


Founder and Board Member

Vincenzo Piscopo is the President and CEO of the United Spinal Association, the largest organization for people with spinal cord injuries and disorders in the United States.


Vincenzo is a professional with 25 years of experience in the private sector, particularly in the area of ​​innovation, corporate social responsibility and diversity and inclusion, who is proud to be the first person of Hispanic origin to lead an organization like United Spinal, a pioneer in defense of the rights of the disabled. Before he joined United Spinal as CEO, Vincenzo held various positions at The Coca Cola Company, where he founded the business resource group known as This-Ability BRG. In addition, Vincenzo cultivated strategic relationships with veterans, people with disabilities and Hispanic advocacy organizations and enacted the company's first disability inclusion agenda.

Vincenzo is the founder of the Wheels of Happiness Foundation, a non-profit organization in which he uses his knowledge and experience to help people with motor disabilities in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Thanks to this organization, more than 200 people with disabilities have regained their autonomy, have reintegrated into society and add value to their communities.


Vincenzo holds a BA in Economics from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MBA in Creativity from Buffalo State University.


"La Macarena"

Diana Patricia is a multidisciplinary artist known as “La Macarena”, an adjective that she gained after she caught the attention of the Spanish duo "Los del Rio", who, seeing her dance, were inspired and composed the homonymous Güines record-breaking song. 


She started in the world of dance at the age of 6, she is a Dancer or "Bailaora" with a long list of awards that, today, attest to the professionalism, talent and perseverance of a career. Countries like Spain, the United States, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia and all the Caribbean Islands have enjoyed her art.


Venezuela holds her in very high esteem because not only has she been a dancer, but she has also shown her talent as a dancer, choreographer, actress and announcer. Artists of the stature of Ricky Martin, Rosario Flores, Norma Duval, Oscar de León, Rafael and other consecrated stars of art and entertainment have shared the stage with her.



She shares the main role in our video Ruedas de Esperanza, in a beautiful choreography created by her where young people with disabilities dance.

Maria Gabriela Garcia de Herrera.jpg
Lucio Herrara Gubaira.jpg

Lucio Herrera

Songwriter and Activist

María Gabriela García
de Herrera

Operating Director in Venezuela

Lucio is a Venezuelan singer-songwriter and writer, creator of the central theme of the Ruedas de Esperanza campaign that bears the same name. He is a social activist with extensive experience in the world of sports, culture and citizen defense.

Among his many responsibilities, we can highlight the exercise of public functions in the Valencian city council, in his country, having been in charge of the Organization of Fairs and tourist activities and in the development of works and sporting events in his city.

He is a lawyer with extensive experience dedicating himself to working in the defense of fundamental rights such as access to drinking water and in the exercise of defense actions for vulnerable groups affected by bank fraud.

He currently leads with an outstanding work team the conduction in Venezuela of the activities of the Wheels of Happiness Foundation (Wheels of Happiness) that has allowed them to support hundreds of people with disabilities in the South American country.

Today he is dedicated to the campaign Wheels of Hope with which they hope to raise resources to meet the first goal of the long-term program One Million Wheels, called One Chair at a Time.

María Gabriela has a degree in Social Communication, graduated from the Central University of Venezuela in 2000, with postgraduate studies at Harvard College, Boston USA in 2001.


She has carried out managerial and advisory work in various companies and institutions, such as the Foundation of the University of Carabobo, the National Alliance of Consumers and Users, and in the vacation tourism area. She is currently the director of the digital music management firm E-managers Music.


Together with Lucio Herrera Gubaira and an outstanding work team, she leads the activities of the Wheels of Happiness Foundation in Venezuela, which has allowed them to support hundreds of people with disabilities in the South American country.


Her work in the Wheels of Hope campaign in which they hope to raise resources to meet the first goal of the long-term program One Million Wheels, called "One chair at a time".

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Together we can change thousands of lives

Let's roll the hope!

Learn how you can help in this campaign

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You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation, a digital support sticker to print.


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Your name in a QR on the chairs


Special ticket to the online concert


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